Baseline Digital Displays

Design Science is a leader in battery powered and AC Powered displays that provide a stunning, and durable way for retailers to show case their brands and promotions.

What did they need?

Design Science Corp. approached us to help improve their online presence. Their products are available to a niche market and they wanted to be able to reach their customers organically on Google.

Additonally, they approached us for a tailored website to run on a display.

How Did We Help?

Think Forward Media started by addressing a key ranking factor for a website… Page speed. We started by moving Design Science Corp. To our Enterprise grade hosting. This migration saw significant improvements in load times.

Once we addressed page speed, Think Forward Media started working on satellite websites tailored to Design Science Corp. individual products. These sites were highly tailored allowing them to quickly show up highly for relevant search terms.

Finally, Think Forward Media created a custom website that ran locally on a display. This website took advantage of an API to dynamically populate the display with relevant data.

Baseline Digital Displays Website Running On A Computer And Mobile