Cottage Spot

Make the Most of Your Time at the Cottage!

Cottage Spot Approached Think Forward Media after a website redesign caused them to lose their ranking. Think Forward media proposed a 2 pronged approach: Google Ads to quickly get Cottage Spot showing up on the website, and technical SEO to start resolving the lost ranking.

We started our Google ads campaign by getting a comprehensive understanding of Cottage Spots unique keywords, we were able to do this by interviewing them, using our own keyword tools, and market research. Through this discovery process we were able to quickly understand and help them be found on keywords they had ranked on previously, and also discover a number of valuable keywords that improved traffic and ultimately drove sales.

While working on their Google Ads, we began working on restoring and improving their Google Page Rank. Our first step was to resolve the technical issues on the website. We use a number of industry tools to help us quickly identify and address these issues as well as our own extensive industry experience. Once we had found and addressed these issues we focused on the more holistic SEO including copy writing and keyword placement. By using Google Ads to quickly understand what keywords were working and ranking for Cottage Spot, we started implementing these keywords through out the website carefully considering the context of each page and if consumers would find it valuable. Fortunately, Cottage Spot was able to realize very quick results seeing a marked increase in organic traffic and sales.

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