Done Right… On Time.

Tamarco came to Think Forward Media because their website was not performing well on Google.

Think Forward Media started by creating a comprehensive SEO report about what keywords Tamarco was ranking well on, and what keywords could be improved. This report also included detailed information about technical SEO issues on the website and the websites page speed.

First, Think Forward Media moved Tamarco onto our business class hosting which dramatically improved Tamarco’s page speed and website security. This move also improved their domain authority, a crucial correction as Google had identified their website had shared an IP address with a malicious website. Next, Think Forward Media resolved technical SEO issues on the website, these corrections dramatically improved their websites performance on Google search for both their originally identified keywords, as well as several under utilized ones.

Finally, Think Forward Media installed our comprehensive suite of security and optimization focused plugins keeping the website secure and performing well. This further improved their Google search performance, as well as their customer experience.

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