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Although your company might have profiles on all of the major social media channels, there is a chance that you aren’t doing everything that you can to take advantage of social media. These are a few things that you should be doing on all of your social media sites if you aren’t already. In time, you are sure to see an increase in interest in your company if you do.

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1) Checking Out Your Competition

No matter what industry you might be in, there’s a chance that all of your competition is on social media as well. Take the time to check out competing social media profiles to get an idea of how other companies are promoting themselves. This can give you ideas and can help you beat your competition.

2) Posting Viral-Quality Content

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SocialmediaviralIf you aren’t posting on social media regularly, there is a chance that your followers will forget all about you. This means that you need to be posting content several times a week — or daily. However, you shouldn’t be posting just anything. Put a lot of effort into posting links, videos, photos and information that are likely to go viral due to being entertaining, educational or both.

3) Reading Feedback from Your Followers

Social media provides you with an excellent way of finding out what your followers think about your company, your social media profile, your website and what they are interested and not interested in. If you aren’t reading what they have to say and taking advantage of this information, then you are missing out on a great way to connect with your followers, find out how to market to them properly and provide them with products and services that they might be interested in.

It can certainly be time-consuming to read all of the comments and feedback from your followers, but taking the time to scan over them regularly can give you a lot of insight about your target audience.

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4) Following OthersSocialmediafollowingothers

Don’t be greedy and selfish by just using your social media profiles as a means of promoting yourself and your company. You should also take the time to follow other companies that you are interested in, followers who seem to have a lot of interest in your company or in your industry as a whole. Doing so can help you expand your reach and show your followers that you aren’t just using social media for one purpose. Plus, many companies and others that you follow might do you a favor and follow you back, which can help make your social media profiles more well-known.

5) Communicating with Others Socialmediacommunicatingwithothers

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It’s important to put some time aside to actually communicate with the people who are following your pages. When customers make complaints, take action by responding. They’ll appreciate that you are taking the time to address their concerns, and other people who see it will see your company in a positive light.

However, Don’t just respond when people say something negative; it’s also good to respond to positive comments and comments in general to establish a strong relationship with your audience. When used correctly, social media is a great tool for promoting your company and bringing in interest from all over the community or even the world.

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