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Pay Per Click

Put your message in front of your customers when they are looking for you. With Google Search Ads you show up first based on the keywords your customers are searching for.




Don’t lose a customer just because they left your website. Capture customers who have already been to your website by targeting them specifically wherever they are on the web.


Display Ads

Keep your business at top of mind for customers who are interested in what you are selling. With a network of over 3 million websites your message can show up wherever your customers are.


Facebook Ads

Your Facebook page already has a group of people who know, like, and trust your brand making them some of your best leads. Put your message on your customers timeline using rich graphics that will drive interest and conversions.


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Pay Per Click

As a Google certified digital marketing agency we have the experience to grow your business. Don’t wait for your ideal customer to find your website. With a comprehensive marketing package from Think Forward Media you can bring your message to your ideal customer.

Pay Per Click Transparent

Pay Per Click FAQs

  • Where will my ads appear and what will they look like?

    If you are using Google Search Ads your ads will show at the top and the bottom of Google search results for the keywords we decide on. These ads are text based but can include a number of additional features to make them pop!

    If you choose to use Google Shopping Ads your products will appear as attractive images with titles and copy on select Google properties including Google shopping when a customer searches for a product your company sells.

  • What are the benefits of PPC ads?

    Pay Per Click Advertising lets you get your message in front of your customers when they are searching for what you offer.

    By using Pay Per Click Advertising we can quickly build a profile of what your customers are searching for and optimize your ads accordingly. Additionally we can use the results of your PPC campaign to power your SEO making your organic ranking stronger.

  • How do you find the best keywords to use in an ad?

    We work closely with you to understand they keywords you want your business to rank for. From there we use the list of competitors you have provided, as well as our industry experience to do extensive keyword research.

    Once we have settled on a list of keywords we will create ads using them and monitor for performance, adding, tweaking and removing keywords as we close in on your ideal customers.

  • What’s the difference between broad match, exact match and negative keywords?

    Google allows you to match your keywords in a number of different ways a broad match means your keyword can appear in any order, anywhere in the search phrase. An Exact match means your keyword must show exactly as you specified it. Finally a negative keyword is a keyword you do NOT want to have your advertisement shown for.

Display Ads

With a network of over 3 million websites we can put your message in front of customers who have interests similar to what your business offers. Build awareness for your business and increase customer confidence by exposing your customers to your brand no matter where they are on the web.

Display Advertising

Display Ads FAQs

  • Where will my ads appear and what will they look like?
    Display Ads can appear on Google’s extensive ad network which includes over 3 million websites. There are a number of banner sizes you can choose from and we can custom design your ad to attract your customers!
  • Can my Ads be displayed on a phone or tablet?
    Yes! By using a responsive ad we can target a variety of devices!
  • When should I use Display Ads?
    Display ads are great when you want to get the maximum amount of exposure possible. When combined with Google Search Ads you can keep your business top of mind when your customers are ready to buy!


Don’t lose a sale just because your customer left your website! With Remarketing ads you can have your ads show up after your customer visited your website giving you the ability to provide them special offers and make the sale.
eCommerce customers can use dynamic remarketing showing your shopping ads to customers who have visited your products and letting them purchase from your ad!

Remarketing Transparent

Remarketing FAQs

  • How does Google know when someone has visited my site?
    We insert a special piece of code on your website that Google can use to track visitors to your website. This code also allows us to see which of your ads are working and if your customers are meeting the goals we want them to (making a call, filling in a form, or purchasing your products).
  • How Long Will Remarketing Last?
    Technically Google will allow you to remarket to someone for over 500 days however generally this number is much smaller as users clear their browser cache or changes devices. We recommend you only continue to market to your customer while the advertisement is still relevant such as if you are running some kind of promotion or sale.

Facebook Ads

With comprehensive targeting options you can put your advertisement right in front of your ideal customers. Think Forward Media can build custom beautifully designed ads that will improve conversions and increase your bottom line.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads FAQs

  • Where will my Facebook ads show up?

    You ads can show up on both Facebook and Instagram and include stories and the main feed.

  • How do I track Facebook conversions?
    We will install the Facebook Pixel on your website which is a way for Facebook to track how your ads are performing and allow us to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Can I use Facebook and Google Ads at the same time?
    Absolutely! Combining both Facebook and Google ads are a great way to start building brand recognition and credibility.

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