Your customers won’t wait to see your content, and Google knows it! Keep up with blazing fast hosting.


Security conscious customers demand their information stays safe. With regular updates, and your own private server TFM Hosting delivers.


You wouldn’t accept your storefront to be closed for business. Nether should your website. With regular backups and uptime monitoring you never have to worry about your website being offline!

Make the Switch Today

World Class HostingYou’ve invested into your website, spent time making it look great and is appealing to customers. But when it comes to your hosting, you could be losing out, BIG TIME.

Many hosting providers put your website on the same server with hundreds of other accounts, making your site slow, vulnerable, and less likely to show up on Google and in front of your customers.

Think Forward Media is different. Each of our customers has their own server custom built with their unique requirements that scales with your business. Sleep easily knowing we are always monitoring your website, ready to take action at the first sign of trouble.

Your Migration is FREE! Stop losing customers and make the switch to Forward Thinking hosting today!

What Makes Us Better?

Never Worry About Downtime with Uptime Monitoring and Response

Avoid Security Threats With Regular Updates

Dedicated Space So You’re Not Competing For Resources

Regular Off-Site Backups So You Can Rest Easy Knowing Your Data is Safe

CloudFlare Security Protection Against DDOS and known threats

Included SSL and Expiry Monitoring

Scalable Infrastructure That Grows With Your Business

Support With Real People Only A Phone Call Away

Secure, Fast and Scalable Hosting managed by a team of professionals with comprehensive uptime monitoring and backups so you can focus on running your business.

World Class Hosting Is Essential For Having Your Business Get Seen Online

Stop Losing Frustrated Customers, Switch Today.

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