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3 Seconds. That’s the length of time your website has to turn a visitor into a potential customer. If your website doesn’t deliver your message to your visitor before then you are missing out on sales.

Repeat Business

Customers will come back to your site, if they are confident they can get what they need done quickly. When your website performs well your customers will take notice, and keep coming back.

FREE Exposure

Google uses many metrics to decide if your page displays on the critical first page. One of these metrics is performance. If your site doesn’t load quickly, Google won’t show it, meaning you lose customers.

Who cares about site speed?


SEO better user experience

47% of visitors expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. 88% of people who experience excessive load times and dissatisfying experiences from page loading are less likely to return, and more than 1/3 of these people will tell their friends – Econsultancy Research

18% of mobile users will leave the site if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load, and after 10 seconds 30% will abandon the website – KISSmetrics

A 2-second delay will increase the number of abandoned shopping carts by 20% – Radware

SEO better user experience

Search Engines


Based on it’s Mobile First Initiative, Google is now considering the load times of individual pages with regards to SEO ranking.

Not moved by Google? How about Facebook? They recently announced that they are going to begin prioritizing fast loading websites over those that load slowly. With over 2.27 billion monthly active users, and 1.74 billion accessing it via mobile devices website speed is crucial to presenting a quality result.

Server speeds, cause a greater effect on your SEO. That means that if your website is run off sub-standard hosting, it will actually have a great impact on your search engine ranking.


Think Forward Media specializes in creating websites that turn your traffic into sales.

Customers don’t likes a slow websites and neither do search engines. Our team offers custom eCommerce functionality, and integrations working closely with your business to meet your unique needs and goals.

From reaching new markets to connecting with existing customers we can provide the engine to drive your business with powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and page speed optimization for your eCommerce website.

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What we offer:

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Improve your website load time

We will optimize your website to leverage your hosting to achieve maximum performance.  The results lower page file size, DNS lookups, and requests from the server delivering the content instantly.

  • Image optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • Javascript optimization
  • HTML minification
  • Check details of your custom scripts and files to eliminate conflicts
  • We provide actionable advice and support for further improvement

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