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Differentiate yourself from your competitors

In order to be an effective resource for your business, people need to be able to find, and engage with your website. While many business owners are familiar with some common techniques to increase their online presence such as through advertisement, or SEO; Few are familiar with some of the more powerful and often free techniques at their disposal.

1. Blogging

Blogging is by far the single most overlooked thing companies should be doing to improve their online presence. By blogging you not only provide fresh content for search engines and readers, but also provide a sense of credibility to your business. A regular blog also gives readers a reason to return to your site, and offers an opportunity for them to share a well written article.

2. Tempt Them to Opt-in

You probably already know how powerful a mailing list is. What you may not know is how to start building one. Provide your customers with a good reason to join your mailing list. For many companies this takes the form of a free offer such as an e-book download, discount, or free consultation. By incentivizing your customer they will be far more willing to provide their information.

…But Keep Your Opt-in Simple

In addition to providing an opt-in offer, it is critical that your opt-in be as short and easy as possible. Each additional field beyond a first name, and email address will see a steep decline in a customer’s willingness to complete the opt-in. If you must ask for additional information, make sure these fields are not considered mandatory or add them to a second step that is only shown after capturing their email address.

3. Social Media Is Key

Social Media, Smart Phone, SharingSocial media has taken the world by storm. Many of your customers are already using websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Create accounts for your business on these platforms and engage customers on them. Social media also gives you an outlet to share your latest blog posts, insights, and new services your company offers. A single viral post can mean huge traffic (and leads) for your business. 

Social media is also a great place to run contests that incentives your potential customers to engage with your content or share it.  A common strategy is to offer a contest where if a customer likes, and shares a specific post they’ll be entered into a draw for a prize.  This often results in posts being shared.  Exposing your business to a wider audience.

4. Network in Person

Don’t underestimate the power of in-person networking! This type of event can give you a chance to build long lasting relationships. Checkout your local Chamber and browse sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to see if there are any business events near you. Social networking is a powerful tool to increase your online presence. 

5. Have Relevant Content

When a customer has come to your company’s website, they have already decided that they want the service you provide. Your job becomes proving to them that they should trust you to provide them with that service. One way you can build their confidence is by having relevant, clear content. Your customer will look to your knowledge in the service you are providing. If you provide off-topic, irrelevant, or worse lack information altogether, your customer will click the back button and find another provider.

6. Make It Snappy!

How long will you wait for a website to load before you decide to go somewhere else? Your customers are busy and are not willing to wait for your website to load to find the information they need. Google is also keenly aware of this fact and often demotes websites that take a long time to load. Having a poor-quality hosting provider, too many or large images on your website, or a poorly optimized website will lead to performance, and revenue loss.

As a business owner, your priority is making sure your investments in both time and money result in customer engagement and conversion. By following these simple steps, you can transform an often overlooked aspect of your business into a powerful tool for generating interest and income for your company.

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