The Barrie Food Bank’s mission is: to provide temporary food relief to individuals and families of our community who are in need, and to serve as a resource to guide them along the road to self sufficiency. Our policies are designed to achieve this mandate. To this end we seek to encourage self-sufficiency. In our service of those who come to us for assistance, we strive to demonstrate compassion and respect for their dignity, and to serve as a source of encouragement.

What did they need?

When the Barrie Food Bank approached us, they were looking to have details about a food drive added to their website. They also needed the ability to take donations online. While they had an existing system, recurring donations were not working as expected, and overall the system was under performing.

The Barrie Food Bank tracks donations in a database so they can provide key reports and track performance. This database was a standalone file that was stored in their facility. They reached out to us to improve this system. They wanted a system that was easily accessible from a variety of locations, provided clean and easy to use reporting, and automated the process of printing labels for their donation slips.

How Did We Help?

Think Forward Media quickly added the required Food Drive information to their website, allowing customers to quickly find details about times and locations. From there we embedded online donation software into their website, allowing customers to quickly and easily send donations online. We discovered WooCommerce was installed on their website. So we corrected the existing issues, and allowed for recurring donations providing a steady and reliable revenue stream the Barrie Food Bank could rely on.

For their donations, Think Forward Media created a custom web application for the Barrie Food Bank in Laravel. This software allows for rapid entry of customer details, and donations. The system can generate comprehensive reports, and is easily expandable for new reporting requirements. Additionally, since the software is web based, the Barrie Food Bank can access it from anywhere allowing them to quickly show stake holders key information. The system also allows rapid entry of food donations reducing the need for paper, and double entry.

Barrie Food Bank Website Running On A Computer And Mobile