ShirtPunch specializes in nerd and pop culture themed t-shirts and sweatshirts. Each design offered is available for 24 hours, with new designs made available daily. ShirtPunch utilizes a community of independent artists and designers, with designs frequently featuring mashups of pop culture, video game, anime and comic book themes. ShirtPunch also features licensed partnerships with Adventure Time, Star Wars, Kevin Smith and other media.

Frequently collaborating with celebrities who design or are featured in their apparel, including: Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Rickey Gervais, Rupert Grint, Laurence Fishburne and Warwick Davis. As well, some of these designs have been in support of organizations such as Little People UK, Make A Wish Foundation and THRIVEGulu, with 100% of proceeds going to charity. ShirtPunch has also partnered with Canada Post in support of the Canada Post Community Foundation for Children. ShirtPunch has also won Canada Post’s E-commerce Innovation Award.

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