Responsive Web Design

You’ve designed your website to be picture perfect. It has a reasonably short load time and plenty of features that keep bringing your customers back for more. You update it frequently so that your regular customers will keep visiting and new customers will keep coming in. However you have been hearing a new buzz about smart phones, and tablets and about responsive web design. With all of that, do you really need a mobile-friendly webpage?

On The Go

Your Customers are On the Go

No matter who your webpage is targeting, it’s a safe bet that the page is being accessed from mobile devices. People take their phones along with them wherever they go. Workers pull out their phones on their breaks, on the bus or subway during their commute, and when they have a few spare minutes throughout the day.

Your customers are looking for quality content that will load smoothly and easily on their mobile devices. And if you don’t deliver, they’ll take their browsing elsewhere.

Make Your Site Easier to Share

When you want your customers to share your site with others, you have to take mobile responsiveness into account. Nine times out of ten, when customers are discussing your website with others, they aren’t going to walk over to a computer and pull up the site. They will, however, pull it up on a mobile device, earning you new site views and potentially bringing in a new customer.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your existing customers will have more trouble sharing your name. Not only that, new customers will be much more likely to remember a site that they’ve actually seen than a name that was thrown out during a conversation. This is why responsive web design is so important.

Fewer People Bother with Computers

Relaxing With Tablet

While there are computers available now that fit almost every budget, many people don’t see the need for one. They might use a computer at work, but private browsing time during the work day is limited. Instead, customers choose to use their mobile devices for all their internet browsing needs. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, you’ll lose the potential for dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of customers who no longer have computers in their homes. Not only that, many people who do have computers in their homes are less likely to sit down behind a computer screen than they are to sit on the couch, scrolling through information on their phones. Bring these customers to you through mobile responsive design.

Customers who are happy with a website are more likely to return…

Decrease Frustration

When your site is streamlined for mobile devices, your customers will be less frustrated and more easily able to access all the content they need. Whether it’s a page that allows them to adjust the font size without needing to scroll from side to side in order to read the adjusted text or a small file size that downloads quickly and doesn’t use excessive data, a mobile responsive website appeals to customers on a number of different levels.

Customers who are happy with a website are more likely to return. While customers who experience problems with a website are less likely to turn to it in the future. Case in point? Slideshows. Once thought to be a fantastic way of increasing site traffic and engaging visitors, slideshows have been shown to decrease the number of people who actually read all of the content. Slideshows also don’t work well in a responsive web design. For many of today’s customers, the lag time to load each individual slide simply isn’t worth it!

Updating your site to include responsive web design technology is what’s best for your customers and it’s what’s best for you — So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn how we can help turn your existing website into a mobile-responsive marvel that will keep your customers coming back for more. You’ll rank higher on Google, our views will increase and you’ll see more business than ever before.

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