Web Design

Website Design

Whether you have been in business for a day or a few weeks, you need to have a website. It is one of the best ways to get new customers. However, you can’t just design a website and expect new customers to come calling right away. A really good website takes time and a lot of thought to make it just right. It is important for your business that you are careful when designing your website.

Here are some reasons why website design is so important for your business.

Baby On Computer  Easy To UseEase of use

A good website is easy to use. Your customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

If you don’t know much about website design, your customers may have trouble finding what they need because your site is not very organized.

Appealing to look at

A good website needs to be pleasant to look at. Otherwise, it will turn away potential clients. It is important to use colours that go together well. Also pay attention to your logo and the spacing of your words and pictures.

Eye catching design

Something about your website has to catch your customers’ eyes. You have just a few seconds or minutes (if you are lucky) to prove to them that you deserve their business. You need to add pictures and videos to make your website interesting but not too much that it overwhelms your customers. There is a delicate balance between getting their attention and putting them off.

SEO driven design

A good website needs to rank high with search engine optimization so that potential customers can find you. The higher you rank, the more likely that you will be found. However, if you are only worried about SEO, your customers can tell and they will often be put off. You have to find a balance between ranking with search engine optimization and pleasing your customers. This can be difficult to do, unless you know what you are doing.

Slow Website Girl WaitingLoad time

People are in such a hurry these days that, if your website takes too long to load, they will immediately click away and find another site that loads faster that has exactly what they want. Use tools such as the Pingdom Website Speed Test or Google PageSpeed Insights to check load time.

Good content

Good content is also important when it comes to website design. If you prove to your customers that you will provide lots of good content in your blog, they will continue to come back for more. You may even convince them to sign up for your mailing list, without having to do too much work.

Call To Action  Call Now

Make your customers do something – call to action

Your website is there to get your customers to do something, whether you want them to sign up for your e-mail list or buy a product from you. However, it is very important that every page of your website tells your customers about this. Most business owners do not realize how important this is with their website design.

Do you customers know what you want them to do?

Designing a website is very hard. You have to make it appealing to customers by adding pictures and videos. However, you can’t add too much or they will be put off by the extra long load times. It is also important that your website is designed around search engine optimization but if you spend too much time worrying about it, your writing may sound like it.

Contact Us Today!Website design is definitely a balance. You want to appeal to everyone while bringing a lot of good content that brings in new customers constantly! However, the end result will definitely be worth the hard work!
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