Social Media Missing Something

Is your Social Media Missing Something?

Building up the strongest social media marketing campaign that you can is important. The truth is that social media provides an affordable yet incredibly effective option for promoting your business.

If your profiles are missing something, however, they won’t be able to perform as you need them to. Below are few signs that your social media profiles need some extra tweaking in order for them to be as effective as possible.

1. There Aren’t Any Photos

People are visual, and people love to see photos in addition to the text that they read. When it comes to social media for your business, you should be utilizing photographs in many ways. These are a few ways that you can — and should — be using photographs on your social media profiles:

  • Take pictures of your commercial building or your office. People love seeing where the magic happens; it helps them see your business in another light.
  • Include pictures of yourself and members of management. Candid shots or group photos of your office employees can also be welcome. It’s a great way to come across as being more personal and to put a face to the names that your followers are used to seeing/hearing.
  • Take pictures of your products. People love to see photos of things that they have purchased or are thinking about purchasing!
  • Use stock photos when necessary. You might not always have photographs that are ready to be used with your content, but posting something visual can help bring it to life. There are plenty of stock photo resources that you can use for your social media profiles, your blog and your printed promotional materials.
  • Include memes when appropriate, such as when you are posting something funny. Funny memes can make your content much more shareable, which can help you go viral.

2. You Aren’t Following Anyone Yourself

Your goal with your social media profiles is probably to acquire as many followers as you can. However, it can make your company come across as selfish if you aren’t following anyone yourself. Plus, following other important people and businesses in your industry — as well as people who are following your own profiles — can be beneficial in other ways, such as:

  • Encouraging companies and individuals to follow you and your pages back.
  • Encouraging others to share your pages with friends or other industry professionals.
  • Making your profile seem more well-established.

3. You Aren’t Posting a Wide Variety of Content Regularly

Sticking to the same old types of posts week in and week out, or not posting on a regular basis at all, are both big mistakes. If you are making your mistakes, then your social media profile is missing out on content, which is one of the most important parts of social media marketing.

For optimum results, you should be posting all different types of content on a regular basis. Videos, memes, funny stuff, informational stuff, advertising…all of these things should be done in different orders to keep things interesting. Posting just written social media posts and skipping visual stuff, or keeping things pretty boring instead of switching it up and adding some humor, can make your pages incredibly boring.

With so many interesting social media profiles out there, why should your followers continue to follow you if your pages are boring? It’s the quickest way to lose followers or just to lose interest among your followers. Consider coming up with a content creation calendar so that you can come up with new ideas and ensure that you’re always posting interesting and unique content.

If your social media profiles are leaving something to be desired, contact us. Here at Think Forward Media, we can help you improve your social media profiles and the many other aspects of online marketing that your company might be going through.

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