These tips are a continuation of 10 Social Video Tips to Boost Audience Appeal (Part 1)  and cover social video tips to boost audience 5-10.

Social Video Tips To Boost Your Audience

5) Go Live

Live is the new craze in social video as it adds a special element of realism to the interaction and is easier for individuals without marketing video production teams to produce. It may be daunting to consider putting out promotional material like social video without three hours of editing, but be brave. If your topic supports it (or maybe on a second topic), just settle in with a few human, relatable hosts and discuss something interesting. That’s all, just shoot it live. As long as the video is taken without clips or editing effects, you can even have a rough script and cue-cards if you want.

6) Be Interesting and Informative

Choosing a great topic isn’t the end of your creative writing duties. Each episode needs to contain new and interesting information that engages your audience and leaves them wanting more. Topics can include industry tips and tricks, a story that develops through a string of episodes, or even one big project composed of a series of how-tos that lead into each other. As long as every episode entertains. Remember to stay funny, interesting, and keep your episodes packed with information.

7) The Human Interest Aspect

One of the biggest challenges of social video is putting a human face (or two or three) on your brand. In the eyes of your audience, the hosts of your video will subtly become the personification of your business. If the hosts are funny, people will assume the company has a sense of humor. If the hosts are informative, people will assume that the company wants to share information. More than this, and even more powerful, is the human to human connection, that ‘human interest’ aspect. Share the personal ups and downs of hosts like getting a dog or trying a diet. These things might be one or two little details in any single episode but, over time, your audience will start to feel as though they really know you.

8) Answer Calls and Messages

The audience loves being engaged, even in video form – where you can’t reach them and they can’t reach you. Live shows, unless they last more than 20 minutes, are too short to take ‘radio show’ calls but you can absolutely answer emails, reviews, social media messages, and even instant chat if your audience knows when to tune-in. Live or not, answering audience messages is a wonderful way to reach out and include your community in the content. You can make your entire series about audience response or you can read one or two messages as a special segment during your normal video topics.

9) Feature a Call to Action

The call to action is something most people are familiar with when it comes to blogs and news articles, but it’s useful for almost every aspect of inbound marketing. The call to action isn’t anything special or complicated, just a simple message added to the end of your content. It encourages readers, listeners and, in our case, watchers to do something. What you call them to act on is based on your goals, like ‘Check out our website,’ or ‘Try this at home,’ or ‘Call us to find out…,” and so on. It simply reminds your audience that they can find you elsewhere and follow-up the most recent content experience with more of the same if they wanted to.

10) Thank Your Audience

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to thank your audience. If they’ve watched your video all the way through, you should be grateful, and they should feel appreciated for simply being your audience. Thank them for watching, paying attention, caring about your brand, whatever you want. Just remember to thank them.

Social media marketing is a large and complex path. But, by far the most powerful tools at your disposal are a simple video camera and these social video tips to boost audience. To discover more great social media marketing tips and tricks, or to have an entire campaign designed around your brand, contact us today!

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