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Many businesses tend to go down the road of least expensive when it comes to picking a web hosting provider. While companies are cognizant of thoroughly thought out content and business strategies, web hosting tends to take a backseat. In today’s highly competitive online world, you must consider all aspects of your online identity. It’s critical to be aware of any potential mistakes that can hinder your progress. A web hosting provider does much more than just store and host your content. Here are considerations when selecting a web hosting provider that will help improve or keep you high on search engine rankings.

A Reliable Web Hosting Provider Will Understand the Importance of Search Engine Optimization.

We have discussed before how critical SEO is to a website. The main factor web hosting has on search engine optimization is how fast your website actually loads up for your viewers and readers. Major search engines like Google consider site speed a key indicator for how high a result should appear. A slow loading site can have other negative impacts as well. For example, if a page takes too long to load for a user they may choose to navigate to another page. Users may also not be able to add products to their shopping carts, or may choose to abandon them. A poorly performing website will be particularly volatile when it comes to mobile users, who tend to be finicky when it comes to websites and performance.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Invest in a Quality Provider?

Improve Search Rankings

Customers Will Click on the Back Button

People on the Internet are notorious for short attention spans, with anything sending them back to the search engine results page. If someone clicks on your website from a search result, a slow website will encourage them to click back, notifying Google that either the content of your website is irrelevant or your website is a low tiered one and potentially spammy. This will cause Google and other major search engines to catapult your website to the back of the results page, making it difficult for readers and shoppers to find your website.

Poor Hosting performance Will Cut Into Your Profit

A poorly performing web hosting provider will cause your website to experience shutdowns. If your website shuts down, then your readers do not have access to your content. If you run an e-commerce website, you will lose the chance of securing a sale. For example – Amazon experienced a temporary ~30-minute shutdown, losing $66,240 per minute. Even if your revenues aren’t as large, they can still have a relatively large impact on your readers and buyers.

It will offset your website’s security

There is no perfect solution for securing your website against malware and other Internet attacks, however, a professional web hosting provider will have the means of providing a layer of protection. Providers will go out of their way to backup your data and assists you with support and maintenance in the case of a security breach. If your site is flagged as a malware site or has known breaches, search engines will once again place your lower on search results.

Tips on Selecting a Web Host

Make sure to select a web host that is constantly being maintained with no downtime. Your web hosting provider should have no problem hosting your blog, eCommerce site, or rendering video and other data-heavy elements. A very cheap hosting plan can cost you in the long run – you won’t have as much RAM, resources, or disk space that will grow with you. Choose a web hosting provider that is able to offer tech support when needed.


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