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Even the smallest of businesses have some sort of social media presence. It’s a place where you devote your time and efforts in order to reach your customers. At the same time, you may have (or thinking about building) a website – and that’s a great idea! Considering that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine, not having a search engine optimized website means missing out on a considerable amount of potential customers that just might find you on Google or Bing.

Website, check. Social media, check. But how are you making sure that you use both marketing tools to the best of their ability? The answer: by integrating your social media into your website.

Here are 3 reasons why you should do just that:

Closing The Loop1) Closing the Loop

If you’re using social media right, chances are you include relatively frequent links to your web content. Once these social media users get to your website are you providing a way for them to get back?

That goal may seem counter intuitive, considering you want your visitors to spend as much time on your site as possible. If someone visits your website from Google or Twitter, chances are they’ll go back to their newsfeed after they’re done. Once they do, simple integration like a “share” button can go a long way to make sure you’re closing the loop and engaging your customers.

Simple example: you write a great blog post that your audience relates to. You’ll want them to share that post on social media. Thanks to a share button, your audience clicks the share button and shares it with their network, showing just how much they enjoyed it. This loop keeps your audience on your website.

2) The Power of WoM

That last example is actually another reason why you should integrate social media into your website: the power of word of mouth in spreading the word about your brand.

Simply put, word of mouth matters. According to a Nielsen study, no less than 84 percent of internet users consider WoM to be the most trustworthy source of information available online, and another study found that 81 percent of digital consumers consider themselves to be influenced by their friends’ posts about a brand on social media. That’s why you should make spreading the word about your business on social media as easy as possible, and social media integration on your website does just that.

Word Of Mouth

3) From Static to Dynamic

But social media integration does more than simply enable your audience to share your web content. In fact, a simple Facebook or Twitter feed on your website can do wonders in taking it from static site to dynamic and engaging.

Such a feed also makes sure that users who find your site not via social media but through a search engine can follow you on social media as well. We already established just how many of your potential customers will learn about you via a search engine; with social media feeds, you can make sure that their learning curve doesn’t stop in one medium.

Bonus: Social Login Possibilities

Social Login

The above three points are basic but crucial ways in which you can enhance your social media integration on your way to digital marketing success. In truth, several other possibilities exist as well, and though they require a bit more effort, they can pay off big time. The perfect example: social login.

You’ve probably come across this relatively new phenomenon. Social login enables businesses to make specific content accessible only to registered users. At the same time significantly increasing the ease of account login for these users. Instead of having the user re-type login information, let social networks like Facebook feed your information to the website automatically.

…not having a search engine optimized website means missing out on a considerable amount of potential customers that just might find you on Google or Bing.

This ease of use means you will get more registered users. It also means you’ll gain more information about each of your users, improving the targeting of your marketing strategies.

Integrating social media and website efforts can be simple. It leads to tangible benefits that your business shouldn’t ignore. If you’re using basic social integration like “share” buttons and social feeds then you are off to a good start. Trying something more advance like social login could improve your integration even further!

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