TikTok Content Ideas For Both B2C And B2B

  1. Fun facts about your business/industry.
  2. Celebrate big orders.
  3. Talk about your most requested service and why.
  4. Thank your customers.
  5. The backstory of your business name.
  6. Case studies.
  7. Recap something related to your business.
  8. Ask your audience an engaging question related to your business.
  9. Packing orders.
  10. Reorganizing your space.
  11. Countdown to new products/services.
  12. How things are different from when you started your business.
  13. Different ways to use the product.
  14. Behind the scenes of your business.
  15. Show the late working hours of your business.
  16. Share inspirational content.
  17. Talk about your client’s common problem and how you can solve it.
  18. Before and after.
  19. A throwback video.
  20. Use the duet feature for clients to review your products.
  21. Duet questions in other people’s comment section.
  22. Record employees’ reactions to new announcements.
  23. Story time about your business’s recent event.
  24. Overcoming obstacles.
  25. Talk about an industry hack or secret.
  26. Broadcast live videos.
  27. Show how your product works.
  28. Community service videos.
  29. Support some other businesses.
  30. Updates on the business.
  31. Frequently asked questions.
  32. Show the inspiration behind your product.
  33. Share industry trends.
  34. Relate to trending memes.
  35. Duet your target audience with a solution that is your business.
  36. Process video.
  37. Share a funny story that your customers can relate to.
  38. Share what motivated you to start the business.
  39. Tease a new product or service.
  40. Showcase the average day in your business.
  41. Quick tips to your ideal customers.
  42. Follow a hashtag challenge.
  43. Celebrate new hire’s accomplishments (first time packing an order).
  44. Mistakes you have made.
  45. Client testimonials.
  46. Things you need in your business.
  47. Unbox a new order for your office.
  48. Use music to showcase your business in a new way.
  49. Duet questions in the comment section.
  50. Team introductions.