Mobile phones and voice assistants have become a staple in every customer’s search. While traditional SEO may have been good enough to get you noticed on Google, these services rely on a curated directory of businesses. So why does this matter to your business? Well, put simply, if you’re not listed in these directories, then you are losing sales.

You could spend your valuable time making sure you’re listed in every directory service, verifying each one as they come in, and finally making sure your information is accurate. But what happens when you move? Change your phone number? Have holiday hours? Do you really want to go through all those listings again? What’s worse is that your customers (and even competitors) can make suggestions to your listing if you don’t monitor can become public!

So what can you do to stop losing sales and prevent your competition from getting an edge? By using Think Forward Media’s directory listing service!

Google My Business Icon On Phone One Of The Many Business Listings Think’s Business Directory &Amp; Voice Search Offers

What is a Business Directory?

A business directory is a website that lists businesses within an area or a particular niche. Businesses have the opportunity to list their location, hours of operation, business name and more. Some business directories have more options for customization and the option for customers to leave reviews.

The most popular business directories are:

  • Google Search
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo!
  • Bing
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Show Me Local

Now that you understand what a business directory is, now it’s time to know how it can help your business.

1. More Customers Will Find You

The most prominent reason to list your business on more directories is that you will be able to reach more of your audience. Business directories also have built-in filters that will push your business to people within an area around your business.

2. Improve Your Online Presence

There is a chance you already have a business listing on various websites. Search engines sometimes pull information from other websites to create a business listing or people that aren’t from your business create one for you. This means that information can be inaccurate and your business seems unprofessional.

3. Improve Your CRM

When your location and phone number are widely available to click and use voice search, you put more faith in your customers. Your customers will appreciate that you’re quickly available to answer any questions or emergencies they might have.

4. Powerful Advertisement

Putting your listing on various directories doesn’t just mean you can reach more potential customers, but you are also promoting your business. People will see your business when they are searching for something related to your business. Unless you don’t have the listing on that particular business listing, you will lose that customer to your competitor.

5. Promote Positive Reviews

When your business is in multiple directories, you are giving your customers the opportunity to speak on your business’s behalf. This will allow your business to receive more positive reviews for your customers, that other potential customer will see.

Restaurant Owner Giving Customer Package Of Food The Customer Found Her Business Online Through A Business Directory

6. Encourage Trust

One of the main features that are on a lot of business directories is customers leaving reviews. And when you have multiple directories, you are giving your customers more opportunities to leave you an amazing review. And that review will also encourage trust in potential customers. Customers are 12 times more likely to trust a review from another customer than on the product description according to data1.

7. Increase Traffic To Your Website

When your business directory is accurate and properly created, you have the ability to send more people to your website. This will also improve your search rankings as more people are going to your website.

8. Building Backlinks

Instead of exchanging links with websites that don’t guarantee a strong connection to your target audience, you can utilize business directories. Business directories will provide you with a reputable backlink and send you traffic directly from your target audience. And the higher the quality of the backlink, the higher your search rankings will be.

9. Legitimize Your Business

When you have a business listing, you are legitimizing your business. Many consumers currently do more research on a business before buying from them. According to Think With Google, 53% of shoppers conduct research before making their purchase to ensure they are making the best choice2.


Now that you know about the powerful capabilities directories provide for your business, you are now asking yourself, okay, where do I start? The simple answer is Think’s Business Directory & Voice Search!


Why Think’s Business Directory & Voice Search?

Take Back Business Time

Want to change all your listings within 3 minutes? Need to change hours for holiday? We can change all of your listings within 3 minutes! This would usually take business owners hours to be able to change all their directories. But with Think’s Business Directory & Voice Search, you will rest assured that your business hours and locations will always be correct!

Take Control of Your Business

We also aren’t just fast. We can give back your power that will make sure you are in control. You don’t have to worry about someone changing your location or hours of operation, as you will claim your listing.

No Commitment

We don’t lock you into a contract. Once listed, your over 40 directories information stays there! You just need to sign up with us, we verify your location, you’re listed, and that’s it!

Get Listed Now!

Curious about where you should be listing your business, or what listings you currently have? Take back control now! Contact Us Today!