Mailchimp Is Changing Their Free Tier

What’s Changing?

MailChimp is making changes to it’s free email marketing plan for new users. On August 25, 2022, MailChimp announced changes to its free plan tier that would go into effect on August 29th. Specifically, they would be limiting their contact list size limit to 500 with a monthly limit of 2,500 emails and a daily limit of 500 emails.

MailChimp is making changes to it’s free email marketing plan. On February 7, 2023, MailChimp announced plans to change limits on the number of contacts you send per day and monthly for the free plan tier that goes into effect March 10 2023.

  • Contact limit – Up to 500 contacts
  • Monthly send limit – Up to 1,000 email sends
  • Daily send limit – Up to 500 email sends

Does this Affect Me?

If you are currently using a free MailChimp tier, then yes this will impact you, unless you are already under the 500 contacts and haven’t sent over 1,000 emails in a month then you wont be immediately impacted by the change. To check your monthly contacts and sends, go to your Account and Billing, and then go to overview.

But if you are a paid tier, this doesn’t affect you.

What should I Do?

If you already have an account or are a paying customer, then you don’t have to take any action. However, if you are a free account, you can either upgrade, remove under serving contacts, or switch to a new platform.

If you’re not to attached to MailChimp, or you’re concerned you will exceed their free tier; there may be another email provider that would suit your needs. For example, Postmark provides both bulk delivery and transactional mail services and other commercial solutions such as Sendinblue provides unlimited contacts with a sending limit of 300 emails a day.

Alternatively, you may want to consider moving to a more robust solution such as HubSpot, which is purpose-built from the ground up as a comprehensive marketing platform and CRM.

I need Help!

Were you planning on joining switching to Mailchimp’s paid tier? Or perhaps you wanted to explore your options. The team at Think Forward Media is happy to look at your specific list and use case and recommend a solution that is tailored to your needs. Contact Us Today To Learn More