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Subject Line Tester


Writing a subject line in an email can be complicated and frustrating. But there is a tool that can analyze how your subject line would perform on your email list. Subject Line Tester quickly analyzes your email subject line by giving it a quick rating out of 100. Then it suggests new words that can increase your open rate by giving you a word bank. You can also see your subject line history to see how you have improved.

Price: Free

HubSpot Make My Persona

Identify Your Ideal Customer To Develop A Clear Picture Oh Who You Are Marketing Towards


Buyer personas are research-based profiles that describe your target customer. It will look into your ideal customers, the challenges they face, and how they conclude their final purchase decision. HubSpot Make My Buyer Persona allows you to create your buyer persona easily and quickly

Price: Free

Color Hexa


Color Hexa is an entirely free colour palette tool. All you need to do is provide the HEX number of the colour you are centring your content around, and it will provide you with complimentary, monochromatic, and alternative colours. This will allow you to create engaging content users can recognize and enjoy.

Price: Free


Video Camera Is Not Always Required To Make High Quality Videos


Easily make your professional videos with an Animoto to properly promote your business. Animoto has templates for different video creation, such as product and company promotion.

Price: Free, Monthly ($16.00 or S39.00)

The premium accounts have far more features, but for getting started and learning how to create brand videos, the free version will be a great starter.



BeFunky is a photo editor and graphic designer all in one online platform. BeFunky is similar to Canva with a variety of templates and graphics. BeFunky is an excellent way for new or experienced graphic designers to create content and edit their photos.

Price: Free or monthly ($4.99 or $8.99)

The free account is excellent for starters, with a variety of templates and tools. The premium account features removing background objects, access to thousands of graphics, and more templates or any content platform.


Notion In The App Store


Notion is a relative newcomer with the initial release in June 2018. Still, it has already made an impact in the social media market. Notion is similar to Google Drive with all your documents in one space, but it allows you to put your spreadsheets, photo gallery, calendar, and timelines on one page. With Notion, you can create your content calendar and organize your social media strategy. You can import Asana, Evernote, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, HTML, and more. In addition, Notion has thousands of templates to choose from and allows you to upload your own for other people in your company to use.

Price: Free, monthly ($4 or $8)

Notion has four different account plans with various member permissions, file uploads, and other features. But the free Notion account is jampacked with features and unlimited pages that will get you far for all your social media duties.



Canva is the market leader in graphic design that allows you to create content from social media, presentations, menus, and so much more effortlessly. Canva is an easy-to-use interface with both desktop and mobile availability.

Price: Free or $129.99 annually

Canva has both free and premium accounts. The premium account lets you quickly resize your dimensions, upload specific font, and access all 75 million premium stock images, gifs, and photo editing software. The premium costs for the amount of content you are receiving is a steal.


You Don'T Have To Pay A Professional Photographer For Great Stock Images


Are you tired of paying top dollar for professional stock photos? Then, Unsplash is for you with its massive library of free high-quality, professional stock photos. In addition, Unsplash offers collections of different creators that you like and allows you to follow them to keep up to date on their latest work.

Price: Free with few photo exceptions

The entire website is free with select photos that are premium that will cost you money.



Grammarly is one of the best grammar, spelling, and punctuation software on the market. It has a more comprehensive checker than the average Microsoft Word and explains the error to develop your writing skills. Making sure each of your content is grammatically correct is essential in making your content look more professional and trustworthy.

Price: Free, or monthly ($12.00, or $20.00, or $30.00)

Grammarly premium offers more writing suggestions than the free account, such as clarity, engagement, and delivery options.


Pixlr Website


Pixlr X and Pixlr E are photo editing software with a slick design and cover all your basic photo editing needs. Pixlr X allows you to edit images from your desktop, new images or from a website URL. In addition, you can add borders, shapes, and stickers. Pixlr E is more similar to Photoshop with similar tools and paint options.

Price: Free or monthly ($10.00 or $14.99)

The premium version includes full access to Pixlr X and E with more extensive editing tools and templates.



MailChimp is a user-friendly, flexible software that anyone can send professional-looking emails. MailChimp has many features from scheduling to reporting that will make your email campaigns competitive.

Price: Free & (hundreds of different plans)

There are various plans based on your plan and the number of contacts you have, and MailChimp offers a calculator to calculate your price plan. But the free account will be great for small business that needs help with email creation and campaigns.



Infographics Do Not Have To Be Complicated


Infographics, presentations, and reports are made easy with Piktochart. You can easily create engaging and professional content to represent your brand from a variety of templates.

Price: Free, monthly ($24.17 or $21.67)

They have three pricing accounts with a variety of different additional branding features. The free account allows you access to all their templates, images, and illustrations, which will take you far with the unlimited number of pages per five projects. 

At Think Forward Media, we have access to both free and premium versions of various social media tools. We can utilize them for you so you can spend your spare time focusing on growing your company. Contact us today to develop and advance your social media presence.

We also have a surprise coming up that we are so excited about and can’t wait to tell you! But for now, it’s a secret! Come back in October 2021 to see!