Google has been rolling out new updates for Google My Business more frequently in the past few years. Changes in their name, new attributes, and more as the pandemic continued and businesses needed a way to communicate their business services and requirements quickly. With the continuous updates to the Google My Business platform, Google is rolling out a new way that people can make updates to their listings.

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Why Google My Business Helps Your Business With Visibility and Communication

Google My Business is a easy to use free tool for business to manage their online profile for their storefront in their service area. It allows you to provide details and photos about your business to quickly reach people who search for your services or products. You can also post pictures about your business to promote updates, special offers, and more! Creating your profile is a great way to increase your visibility as your information can appear in Google search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.

What is Google Removing?

Please take a deep breath; Google My Profile features aren’t going away anytime soon. Google is changing how you can manage your account by moving the settings in Google My Business app to Google maps and Search. This means you no longer need to have the Google My Business App to make changes to your business profile. 

Removing the Google My Business App creates a seamless transition for business owners to create their business profiles and create updates without going to an entirely different app to make the quick change.

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Where Can I Manage My Business?

Google Maps

  1. Go to your Google Maps App on your phone.
  2. Click your profile picture, and it should have a drop-down menu.
  3. There should be a tab called “Your Business Profiles” on the drop-down menu. Click on that to continue.
  4. Then you should see all of the business profiles you manage, click on the business you want to change.
  5. Finally, you should see the options to make changes on your Google Business Profile.

Google Search

  1. Go to your Google Search app or desktop.
  2. Search your business name.
  3. Then, you should see options to make changes to your Google Business Profile.

Google may make changes to these steps as they start replacing the app.

When will Google My Business App Be Removed?

Google didn’t provide a date in the email for when the app will be replaced.

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