Essential Christmas WordPress Plugins.

Here is our list of essential Christmas WordPress Plugins you need to add to your website. From November to December, the holiday season means more website traffic as people try to find the perfect gift for themselves and others. But with the added traffic, is your website translating into more sales? Or is your website getting slow due to the added traffic? It may get shut down for a few hours because other websites are taking up the server.

But with these plugins and tips, your website will increase sales, cart sizes, and speed in no time.

Scratch & Win Giveaways

The Scratch & Win Giveaways WordPress plugin is a must! It’s by Appsmav. It’s a creative way to get people engaged in your sales and discounts! You can customize and launch it right on your website. Users can add their email and then scratch to reveal their prize. Here is a live demo. Set it up to appear in different user stages on your website such as after a scroll percentage or certain pages!

WP Optin Wheel

The WP Optin Wheel by StudioWombat is another great way to motivate people to buy now! You can grow your campaign lists by requiring people to put in their email addresses to use the coupon code. You can then remind them about their coupon code expiring to further motivate them to make the final purchase. See a demo here.

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce – FOMO Cart Abandonment

Another way to motivate people to make the plunge to buy is countdowns on the cart checkout. When you have a countdown on your website, you create a sense of urgency for when people look at your products and create a lower abandoned cart rate. You can add them to various sections on your website to motivate people to take advantage of a limited-time sale.


You definitely need this plugin for the holiday season. Since you are likely making many changes to your website, you need a plugin that can quickly update your website without waiting for Google to recognize the change.

Pro Tip To Get A Faster Website

You more than likely share your hosting with other websites (as many as 1000 websites actually) which can lead to your website being very slow. Think of it like this, your hosting is a bus filled with passengers, and each passenger has to get off at a different stop. By the time the passenger gets to your website (destination), they had to wait significantly longer. This is where Think Forward Media is different.

Each of our clients get their own individual server. Think of it like a thousand chauffeurs that is taking your passengers straight to your website. It’s faster and more seamless. Plus, since you can customize your chauffeur/server to your website needs by making it lightening fast during peak times.

Cart Notices for WooCommerce

We mentioned before about the countdown but another thing you can to your checkout and display unique messages. For example, order now and get it before Christmas or notify the extra traffic to your website by recommending to add your newest product.

What to do next?

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