Essential Holiday Marketing Strategies For 2022 Box Of Presents On The Floor

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner, so now is the time to market your business and have your Holiday Marketing strategies ready. The Holidays and Christmas season are when there is a high fluctuation in retail sales. And more than ever, businesses are marketing their products and services online. This means you have to get your products to the right

Start Marketing Now

People start planning and buying presents in November, and then even fewer shoppers in do their Christmas shopping in December. This means you must have your marketing strategy in place before November.

Another great aspect of planning ahead is that you will be less likely to be swamped with other companies starting their holiday strategy.

Give followers a sneak peak

Even before you put your holiday promotions live, give your followers a sneak peek into the products and sales. This will create buzz before your products even go live and create a stronger impression on the audience. The best way to have a fantastic start to your Holiday marketing strategies is to give a heads-up to create even more buzz.

Have your email campaigns optimized

Email marketing is one of the best things you can do during the Holiday season. You can target people who have already subscribed to emails and will have less resistance to your marketing. But the question is, “Are your email campaigns optimized” which essentially means are they segmented enough that the people that receive it are seeing an advertisement for products they want to see.

Here are examples of different email segmentation to use in your Holiday email campaign:

  •  High spenders
  • Cart abandons
  • One-time purchasers
  • Repeat customers
  • Newsletter readers
Women Shopping Online After Seeing A Email Campaign

Have emails that give people ideas for their list

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they focus on marketing to people that have yet to subscribe to their email campaigns in the first place. They create different guides for various target audiences. But, you should also target directly the person that subscribed to your emails in the first place. What type of products would they like? Have new products that they have yet to purchase?

Don’t make all your emails promotional

Your clients are probably getting tired of all the emails coming their way of different products to give or add to their list. Give your followers a break by showing off your team or exciting products after the holiday season.

Set up your Facebook and Instagram Shop

More and more people are shopping on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, so it’s important to make sure your Facebook and Instagram Shop are set up for these searches. While TikTok is still testing its eCommerce side and is not yet available to everyone, it is still important to have that platform optimized for SEO and shopping.

Get sentitmenal in your Holiday Marketing Strategies

The Holidays (while, yes it’s are very consumer-focused) are also very focused on being joyful and surrounded by your family. You can use these sentiments in your marketing strategy by correlating your products or services with these feelings and memories. If you truly want to get your Holiday marketing strategies on the right foot, focus on the holidays’ emotions.

Family Opening Presents Showing That Sentimental Marketing Works

Use SEO for your email campaigns

While SEO is important for your website, social media, and more, you must keep it in mind for Christmas shopping research. People currently subscribed to your email list will use search terms like “Christmas Sale,” “Gift Ideas,” And more. Ensure your email is optimized for these searches. This will really help with your Holiday marketing strategies!

Market for a recession during the Holiday season

Focus on creating a marketing strategy that focuses on creating memorable memories for your customers. Focus on quality over quantity.  Focus on the rational behind why people should buy your products over your competitors.

Create a bundle Holiday Marketing Strategies

For many people, buying for people they aren’t close to results in purchasing bundles or gift sets, so they have various products they can give them. Tap into this marketing strategy by creating bundles or sets that are easy to purchase and give to people.

Another great avenue for bundles is to market them to your current client base, as they will be more inspired to try new products. Think about it. Suppose your client sees one of your most popular products in the bundle, and it’s on a discount. In that case, they know they will get a great deal for the product and still get to try new products at a discount without being a disappointment.


Focus on the time of the season shoppers

Now that we have talked about advertising for planners, you also have to advertise for late shoppers.