Facebook New Page Experience

It’s been a while since Facebook has made this drastic change to Business pages. Usually, they offer quick changes you can choose to implement. But not this time. Facebook is seemingly not allowing users to switch back to classic versions and instead notifying businesses that their Facebook page will be switched. 

So, businesses must get on the train as it seems only to be moving forward for Facebook New Page Experiences. To make the transition easier, here is your guide to learning the difference between Facebook New Page Experience Vs Classic.

Why is Facebook making the switch?

For many years Facebook has been lacking in a way for businesses to interact with their customers without requiring them to be on their businesses page. Take Instagram, for example; you can create a separate profile account and interact without limitations. On Facebook, while possible, it was very difficult and time-consuming.

To address this issue of the lack of businesses being able to build and connect with their audience, Facebook is creating the New Page Experience.

How is the Facebook New Page experience going to be more engagement-focused?

When you switch between different business pages, you always had to revert back to your personal profile. But the new page experience completely switches to a profile-like system. You are still logged into your personal profile, but you can now act like a “person” on your business page.

Do I Have To Switch To The Facebook New Page experience or can I switch back to classic?

Facebook has started to remove the ability to switch back to the classic version on peoples provides, so it seems that Facebook is moving forward with this Facebook New Page Experience.

It might still be possible for your account. To check if you’re still eligible, click our other blog post to learn how to do it.