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So you’ve need a website development agency? Are you building your business from scratch or want to add some new features? Need someone to develop a new application that doesn’t exist in the marketplace? Regardless of what camp you fall into, you need a reliable and trustworthy web development agency to handle that for you!

Regardless of why you are looking for a website development agency, You’re not alone. Plenty of business owners find themselves asking this same question. And some businesses aren’t sure where to start or have questions to ask when looking for the right agency.

But don’t worry – finding a web development agency that meets your needs can be simple. In fact, it can be quite simple if you know what you should look for and which steps to take.

Let’s dive in and explore how to find the perfect website development agency for your business.

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Do Your Research

The very first thing you need to do is do your research. Maybe you’re just starting this step, which is how you stumbled on this post. But before you even start researching different website developers or agencies, the first thing you want to know is what you want for your website, as that will help narrow down your search.

Do you want your website to allow for eCommerce, customization, drag and drop, scalability, and accessibility? Are you looking to develop an internal application? All of the above?

Knowing what you want on your website will help you and the website development agency you talk to make the process much more efficient for both sides. You also want to focus on a developer or agency that has worked with the type of services you want on your website.

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Set Your Expectations

Now that you have done your research into the features you want for your website and the type of services you want, now it’s time to set clear expectations for onboarding, results, and budget. This includes the timeline for completion, budget, and more. Setting clear expectations will ensure both you and the website development agency are on the same page, leading to less stress and confusion in the long run. This will immediately set apart website development agencies that fit your criteria.

The first step for setting expectations should be the scope of work. This will include a task that needs to be completed for your website to be optimal, such as creating a site map, designing page layouts, coding webpages and databases, testing functionality, user experience and usability, and ensuring search engine optimization (SEO) compliance.

Once you have set a clear scope of work expectations, you can start drafting a budget plan, and the website development agency can draft an accurate budget for your website. And once the budget is approved, you need to review their payment structure and terms.

By establishing each of these items, the project will be much more seamless, more likely to be in budget, and not just provide you with the website that you wanted, but crucially provides results.

Ask for referrals

To ensure your website is built properly and functions optimally, you must find a reliable website development agency you can trust. Therefore it’s important to ask potential website agencies for referrals before signing a contract with them. These referrals can give you detailed feedback from their projects about the work, process, and communication. All which are important factors to consider. Referrals also give you a insight into their track record and level of expertise they have for websites similar to yours.

Referrals also allow you to ask specific questions such as, were you able to stay within the budget? Was the communication effective? Were you able to build a lasting relationship? 

Questions like these will give you insights into the work-relationship with clients and how smooth the process is for the website development agency. While some development agencies may have a a great process, price, and more, but if they seem to elongate every change, don’t answer calls, then a different agency may be better suited.

Do they look at your website in a holistic way?

One of the most important factors in finding the right development agency is if they are asking you questions about your business down the line and setting you up for success. Are they setting up your website for reporting? Are they setting up conversion tracking? Are they following best SEO practices?

You may be thinking, “why would a website development agency need to do this when I just want them to build my website,” which is a fair question, but when building your website, you want the developer to have a holistic approach which considers search engine optimization, accessibility, edit ability, user experience, and functionality all of which will prevent hurdles when trying to optimize the website in the future for these topics.

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Ask the important questions?

  • How will I get access to the website? Do I have admin access, or is my access limited? What about my hosting? Do I know where that is? Do I control my domain?
  • If they are setting up analytics? Is this Google Analytics? Do they have heat mapping software? Do I have access?
  • leaving robots.txt out or blocking traffic
  • Are you adding meta descriptions, meta titles, and schema data?
  • Are you adding a sitemap? Does this include pages and products?
  • How many revisions do I get during the design phase? Do I have a warranty after we go live?

“Okay Now What?”

Once these initial steps are completed, it should become much easier for you to narrow down prospective agencies or developers until only one remains —the one who will ultimately assume responsibility for designing and developing your dream website! Just remember that finding the right web development team isn’t always easy, but taking the time now will save you from headaches down the road – trust us! So don’t sweat it; just follow these steps, and soon enough, your business will have its very own custom-made website! Good luck!

Looking for a strong web development team with that you can build an ongoing relationship? We pride ourselves on transparency and welcome these and any other questions you might have!