Sunset Date Of Ua360

Google has announced they they are going to push the phase date for UA 360, but what about Universal Analytics? We will go over all your burning questions about Universal Analytics 360 (UA 360) and Universal Analytics (UA) here and what they mean for your analytics tool.

It has certainly been a year for Google Analytics

Just to recap for everyone.

Google announced they would be phasing out cookies and later pushed that date to 2024.

Universal Analytics is being phased out as partial correlation to cookies is being phased out, and according to Google, the analytics have old data that is becoming obsolete.

Google has announced that they are pushing the sunset date to Universal Analytics 360 to 2024.

What is the difference between UA 360 and UA?

This is probably where you got confused (and so did we for a moment) that Google is only pushing the sunset date for UA 360 and UA. So what is the difference between the two analytic tools? The simple answer is one is free, and one is paid. The main difference is the volume per month and the number of custom metrics. You more than likely have Universal Analytics.

So unfortuently, UA is still to be phased out on July 1 2023. 

Why only UA 360 and not UA?

We think it’s because of the volume for the accounts that GA4 is not fully prepped for that volume and complexities.

Do you have your GA4 analytics ready?

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