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Are you struggling to find content ideas for your business? Don’t panic! It happens to the best of us. Writing content can be difficult and can feel like a never-ending cycle of trying to come up with new, interesting topics that will attract customers. The internet can be overwhelming, and sifting through content ideas is often challenging.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find content ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

Listen To What Your Customers Are Saying

One of the first things you need to do when brainstorming to find content ideas is to start listening to what your customers are saying. This doesn’t have to be general questions people have about your company or products, but it’s always good to hear what your customers are saying so you can articulate content ideas.

For example, you own a clothing store, and a customer comes in and mentions that spring is coming up, and they are going through their closet. Instantly you should start thinking about how you can market your products around this topic. Some examples could be: How to pick the right clothing to keep for spring, rules for spring cleaning your closet, clothing to add to your closet after spring cleaning and more! All of these topics are just from one customer mentioning they are going through their closet. All of these are great content ideas that you can find and use.

Ask Your Clients

Now we mentioned before that listening to your customers is a great way to find content ideas, but one of the best ways is to simply ask your audience. Open up the conversation for input that your customers want to know further about or get advice. You can simply create a poll or ask people to leave a comment on the post. Asking also shows that you value their opinion and is a great way to boost energy and engagement on your social media platforms.

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Google Trends

Another great way to find content ideas is using Google Trends to get an idea of what people are searching for in terms of keywords related to your business or industry. You can also use this tool to see which topics are trending on social media and identify potential content you may want to include in upcoming posts.

TikTok Trends

TikTok has quickly become one of the top players in social media and one of the best places to find content ideas that are trending. You may think of TikTok as a place for funny videos or lip-synch content, but the platform has a ton of creative content from all areas of business. You can get inspiration from anywhere, right at your fingertips. By using the TikTok trends, you can see what is trending for songs, creators, videos, and hashtags! All that can drive inspiration for your next viral video!

Here is our blog post on Tips for posting to TikTok.

Use Google Search

You would be very surprised just how under-utilized google search is to find content ideas. Although Google is an everyday tool, it can give you incredible inspiration! Don’t settle for the first search result you get; get a little creative! Are you just doing one search for your product or service and then leaving? Then you are missing out! Google has a ton of ideas, but you got to get a little creative and determined to find dress ideas if they don’t easily come at first glance. 


For example, let’s say you are a men’s saving company; most of the search results are very similar:

  • Men’s razors electric
  • Men’s razors [company name]
  • Men’s razors [company name]
  • Men’s razors [company name]
  • Men’s razors on sale


So when you see these results, you leave the search engine. But you missed adding different words, phrases or prepositions that can spark inspiration! With this example, now search up:

  • Men razors “that” 
  • Men razors “with” 
  • Men razors “for” “How are” Men razors


See how quickly we were able to expand on a simple search term and expand to different content inspirations! Try it with your business, and let us know if that helped!


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Content Marketing Agency

A great way to kickstart your content strategy is by partnering with a marketing agency to give you a serious boost! If you are starting to feel stressed or fatigued with constantly searching for what’s trending, then it may be time to start reaching out. Since marketing agencies are always looking for the next big thing and what’s trending, you have a resource right at your fingertips! Hiring an agency will give you all the benefits of having an in-house marketer without the stress of having to do a big hire or come up with content ideas on your own. Another plus is that hiring will save you an incredible amount of time that you can spend on your business. 

Ready to jump-start your content marketing efforts? Get inspiration from Think Forward Media to get fresh content ideas that will get your customers excited to see your business!

“I Hate Finding Content Ideas”

We completely understand finding content ideas can take time, time that could be invested in other aspects of the business. You should reach out to a professional marketing agency to ensure your content ideas are of high-quality, engaging that ranks well and speaks to your customers When looking for a marketing agency, look for one that is reliable and understands your message and goals.

Let us learn more about your company’s goals and message and create content that will get you traffic and sales.