Business owner trying to put their discount on their website.

There is one simple answer. 

Creating automatic discounts is great because your customers can automatically apply that at checkout and in their cart. There is also flexibility in what you can offer your clients to entice them to make than final purchase and increase your average cart value. You can create a percentage, a gift, a fixed amount, and more!
But sometimes, there can be issues with Shopify automatic discounts.

We recommend using an app like Tabarnapp for discounts and gifts.

Some of our Shopify Clients.

Think Forward Media Shopify clients. Impact dog creates. Vinia. Smack pet food.

How Think Forward Media can help.

We first look at your theme and review where the problem originates. Then we bring that problem to your attention and provide a solution or suggest a better-coded theme. We can then shape it to look like your current theme by adding some tweaks to bring up the speed!

Why Think Forward Media?

At our core, we can work around Shopify’s limited capabilities to find intricate solutions to different eCommerce businesses. We enjoy helping our clients grow their businesses by building, maintaining, and improving their eCommerce websites. Our Shopify Development team is located right in Barrie!