Person Holding Phone Looking At Shopify, Deciding To Use It After The New Shopify 2023 Updates

Shopify has recently published its Shopify 2023 Update and we love it! Such updates include updates to new features and tools to help online retailers stay ahead of the curve. From improved navigation and usability to new products and integrations, the Editions Winter ’23 has something for every business to optimize with.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new release:

New expanded global infrastructure.

Now your customers can have a faster and more efficient shopping experience no matter where they are. It’s proven that website speed correlates to website conversion rates, as no customer wants to wait for different product pages to load or have a slow checkout process.

Also in the Shopify 2023 Update, Shopify announced that with the newly expanded global infrastructures with 270 points of presence worldwide, your customers’ shopping experience will be even faster worldwide. This update is probably one of their most important 2023 updates! Shopify’s plan is to reduce network transit time around the world. They did this by putting their application layer, Storefront Renderer (SFR), in as many places as possible.

Shopify is moving not just the files that the browsers retrieve but the entire system that renders storefronts. So instead of buyers in Germany needing to access a hosted application in Canada, Shopify can handle the request within the EU, thus avoiding needing to cross the entire ocean and back to the user. (

Regardless of where your customer is shopping, by routing traffic and rendering sites as close to where they are, they will get an incredibly fast experience. With the faster experience, your conversion rates, time on the page, and more are more likely to increase!

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Customize your store with metaobjects.

The new metaobjects are custom field models enabling you to create reusable content, product highlights, cart upsells, and more! You can easily draft, edit, and translate your metaobjects directly within the online store editor.

Sell On YouTube

You can now sell your Shopify store on YouTube! You can sell your products on YouTube, creating an on-demand, authentic, and live shopping experience. You can sell your products on YouTube live and have up-to-date product information below your video, pinned in chat, or tagged during the live stream! Sell your products to your current audience watching your live video or to new people joining!

Streamline B2B Orders

Shopify is definitely moving towards that B2B environment after launching it 2022, they are moving towards making essential improvements to the platform. And one of the most important features B2B companies wanted was a streamlines order process. This is an important Shopify 2023 update as it shows that Shopify is moving towards diversifying their product offerings to businesses. 

With Checkout To Draft, the process is much more efficient with more control and visibility. When a customer is ordering from your business, they will put in their order and then check out with a “submit for review button that will create a drafted order. They will then see that their order is “in review” with an order ID, date ordered, and other important information all in one place.

On the other side you will review the order, and make any changes from availability they have, and then you can “send invoice” for the customer to review. And then the customer, will get notified abut the order change and review the changes. Once the customer agrees to the new order, they can purchase on the spot!

These updates will give B2B businesses the opportunity to spend less time negotiating, which leaves both parties to focus on their end goals.

“Okay Now What?”

The Shopify 2023 Update presents abundant possibilities for website optimization, with the latest updates providing further advancements. The powerful platform provides a comprehensive range of tools and features to enhance eCommerce performance, making it the premier choice for online stores. However, despite the potential of Shopify, navigating the complexity of such an array of features can be difficult. This is where a Shopify agency can make all the difference in creating and implementing an effective website strategy tailored to your business’s specific goals. 

Working with an experienced Shopify agency ensures that your site will benefit from industry-leading expertise. They are familiar with working with this platform and can use their understanding to help you maximize its capabilities.

That’s where we come in! Think Forward Media has worked with various Shopify accounts. We are a website design and development agency conveniently located in Barrie, Ontario.