7 Things You Should Be Doing On Social Media In 2023

Social Media In 2023 is right around the corner, meaning it’s time for Think Forward Media predictions and what you should do for your social media strategy. 2022 saw the boom in TikTok on the business side, Facebook slowly getting less engagement than Instagram, short-term video taking over each platform as they try to compete with TikTok, and each platform is testing and releasing new features every month to stay on top of active users.

With these changes in mind, we developed a list of different social media strategies you should be implementing to stay connected with the algorithm and boost your online presence. Such suggestions focused on being more interactive online and focusing on your audience.

Content For Various Life Stages

One of the most important things to do in your social media in 2023 is to avoid assuming your audience’s life stage. They could be people that just found and followed you and want to learn more about your company, or they could be brand lovers that need the final push to make the purchase or repeat buyers. So you must create content for all life stages to ensure your content is diverse and reaches various audiences.

User-Generated Content (Essential For Social Media In 2023)

You are getting behind the curve if you are not using user-generated content (UGC). People these days don’t trust companies’ opinions of their products or services and rather want to hear from other people. Don’t take it personally. When people see hundreds or thousands of ads, they can become frustrated with being sold. They want to hear what other people think about your products and reviews before making their final purchase.

The other great thing about UGC is that it motivates other people to review it and makes them feel like they are a part of a community.

Have Your GA4 Tracking Ready

While GA4 doesn’t greatly impact tracking social media since it is event-driven, you will have source/medium data available. But remember, on July 1, 2023, UA will stop processing new hits. So get your tracking ready now!

Need help transitioning your account to GA4? Contact us today for assistance in transitioning your account.

See A New Feature? Use It!

One of the best things you can do to increase your reach is to use new features when they are released. When a new platform releases a new feature, it wants to test how it does online. So become one of their test subjects! They will boost your posts more on the algorithm since they want to test the reaction, and you might even get access to new features before other people do!

With the constant changes each platforms are introducing, this is an essential tip to use for social media In 2023.

You would be surprised just how many features social media platforms release or test. In October 2022 alone, over 30 updates for various platforms were released! Make sure you stay ahead of the curve by being up to date with new releases and watching for when you get access to it!

Engaging With Your Audience

Are you just posting photos and videos without interacting with your audience? Then you need to take advantage of a massive opportunity online. In the current climate, people want to build relationships online and with the businesses they buy from. Which makes this a important trend to implement into your social media In 2023. This is why engaging with your audience is critical to increasing your reach, engagement, and sales. Even if it’s the simplest comment, ensure you respond and keep your audience engaged. You can also like some of your followers’ posts about your products or services.

One platform that made the shift more accessible in engaging with their audience was Facebook. Facebook is currently shifting all their pages to the New User Experience Page, which aims to make it easier for companies to engage online. Read more about Facebook’s New User Experience Pages or our guide on how to use them.

While all of these tips are important, here are 5 standard practices you should be doing for your social media presence in 2023.

TikTok eCommerce

If you are an eCommerce company, then TikTok is the perfect online sales tool for you. Did you know that 44% of TikTok users discovered products through ads or content on the platform? People really enjoy TikTok because it’s more authentic and less picture-perfect than other social media platforms. Anyone can post and rave about their favourite products for the entire world to hear.

Focusing on TikTok is essential for your social media In 2023 to ensure your reaching all of your potential audience.

Need more proof? Log into your Instagram and TikTok and compare the feeds you see. Or even better, to go to the Shop tab on Instagram to really see the difference. You can instantly see how TikTok is more authentic and focused on user-generated content. They are also currently testing eCommerce storefront on the app for certain locations, which means it’s only a matter of time before you can take your storefront to TikTok and sell directly on the platform.

Testing TikTok And Instagram

And yes, we are going to talk about TikTok again. Why? Because it’s currently a social media app that has completely influenced online social media advertisement and reaches. Many people compare it to Instagram, but it’s completely different. The best way to compare the apps is that TikTok is best for the beginning stages of the buyer’s journey for the reasons above (for now), and Instagram is great for the end of the buyer’s journey due to the various tools and features available for businesses. But you need to be testing which content is best for your TikTok and Instagram side, which will boost your social media In 2023.

Some content may do really great on Instagram but not get any traction on TikTok. So make sure you are posting similar content for both platforms to A/B testing how similar content for the various platforms.

Ready to take your social media presence to the next level in 2023?