Person Taking Photo Of Product Example Of User Generated Conntent

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated content is when your customers create content for you in images, videos, reviews, testimonials and more! It’s a way for the customers to promote your brand instead of you promoting your brand. What should surprise you the most is how they improve your credibility and conversion rates effectively. Brands saw over a 50% conversion rate for visitors to pages featuring UGC. User-generated content called the new word of mouth in a very tech-heavy environment. 

User-Generated Content Benefits

People Trust Customers More Than The Company

Don’t take it personally. Customers see thousands of ads daily, they know all of the sales tactics, and they are tired of it. They want to see/hear stories, not from the company. Customers are also 2.4 times more likely to say UGC is most authentic compared to branded content.

It Creates A Community

Especially in recent years, people want to feel like they belong to a community. When you have a group of people posting about the same product or service, they feel like they are apart of a community

Encourages Other People To Leave Reviews

When your other past customers see that you are advertising reviews or testimonials, they realize that it’s something they can do for you. Sometimes customers don’t realize how important it is to leave reviews for the company. And it would be best if you had reviews on your website and social media because it builds trust in your company, as about 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. When potential customers see other customers use or review your product or service, they feel more inclined to make the final purchase. 

Why Should I Use UGC?

  • Get fresh inspiration for the content. Sometimes your customers are your best way to get refreshing content ideas and to see why it’s important to them. 
  • Engagement magnet. As more people see a lot of ads in their daily life, it’s refreshing for them to see no hard-sales content from the brand. This leads to a higher engagement rate. When users are exposed to a combination of UGC and professional content, brand engagement increases by an average of 28%.
  • Instant credibility with proof of quality. While your description can be as detailed as possible and your videos can be of the highest quality, when another customer posts about your product, the potential customer feels like that is of higher credibility. 
  • Low cost – many past customers already have fallen in love with your company and are more than willing to create content for your business. 
  • It builds your content library. If you have permission from the content owner, you can refurbish it by adding it to the product/service photo gallery.
  • Inspire brand loyalty. By posting your customer’s content, you demonstrate that you are thankful for their business, and it will also push other of your past customers to post their own content!

What Are The Types of User-Generated Content?

  • Customers. These people have purchased from you or have your product on them. They will have more content to share due to being able to experience every aspect of the company. 
  • Fans, Loyalists. While they might not be your direct customers, maybe because they don’t require the services or can’t afford them. But they have fully fallen in love with your brand, and since they are passionate about your brand, if you ask for UGC, they most likely will!
  • Employees. Yes! Employees can be a part of UGC. Have you ever seen a work establishment of people packing orders behind the scenes? That is UGC!

Great User-Generated Companies Examples!

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