Woman Using Voice Search Assistant On Smart Phone Just One Of The Audiences Voice Search Reaches Even if your business is online, it doesn’t mean customers can find you! More than half of all owners of smart speakers use their voice assistants devices daily1! This means that you are losing out on all of these potential sales if your business is not available to voice search!

Fix that now by reaching all of your audience with just a click of a button with Thinks Business Directory & Voice Search.

Last year, the entire world went online, and your business adapted. You moved your business online and started to utilize digital marketing to reach more of your audience. But, remember, while you’re now online, so are your competitors. You need to adapt again to keep that competitive edge. Adapt by making sure your business is found online no matter where your customers are searching! Is your business available on every business directory that your customers use? Do you know how much business you are losing because your business isn’t listed when customers were looking at businesses in your area?

Kick start your voice search efforts with Thinks Business Directory & Voice Search! To better understand how voice search will help you reach your customers, we created a list of why a voice search is a powerful tool for your business. 

Man Talking To Smartwatch For Searching For Information Voice Assistant For Watch Just One Of The Unlimited Capabilities Voice Search Offers

Voice Search is Everywhere

Long are the days when voice assistants are not just on your phone anymore! Voice search adapted as the market demand grew! These voice search assistants can be in home speakers like Google Home or Alexa! They can be on your wrist with Apple, Galaxies Watches, and other variations. Get access to all of these audiences with a CLICK of a button with Thinks Business Directory & Voice Search!

Consumers prefer to conduct searches by voice versus typing

71% of consumers prefer to perform search queries by voice instead of typing2. Users like using voice to find basic information such as setting up reminders, checking the weather, and looking up locations of local businesses. Can your customers know your store hours or location with voice search? No? Then you are missing out on a potential market of users that use voice search more often to find local businesses!

Speaker owners use local search at least once a week.

76% of smart speaker owners use local voice search at least once a week3! Local search, or more commonly known as voice-enabled search, is when electronic devices allow customers to use voice commands to find information about local businesses. Voice-enabled search like Siri, Alex, Google Home, and Cortana. As more people search your local businesses and your business isn’t listed, you will lose all those customers.

Voice Search Translate Reach Even More Of Your Target Audience

Utilize Voice Translate

Another growing trend in the local market is the increasing level of diversity and changing demographics. Can you reach these customers if your voice search or business directory doesn’t match their native language? Can your customers read reviews in their native language on your website? Don’t Worry! Many business directories that use voice search use translate your business information! You just need Business Directory & Voice Search to be instantly listed on these directories. Instantly be listed on over 40 directories! 

People Are Looking For Local

BrightLocal found that in 2018, 46% of people used voice search to find local businesses in 20174. Then when the pandemic hit, more people than ever took to Google to find local businesses to support their local community! Get that local support now and build a strong community around your business!

With the continuous increase in the voice search market, Thinks Business Directory & Voice Search is perfect for accelerating your business growth and reach!



Take Back Business Time

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Take Control of Your Business

We also aren’t just fast. We can give back your power that will make sure you are in control. You don’t have to worry about someone changing your location or hours of operation, as you will claim your listing.

No Commitment

We don’t lock you into a contract. Once listed, your over 40 directories information stays there! You just need to sign up with us; we verify your location, you’re listed, and that’s it!

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