Okay, you have decided that Shopify is the space for your eCommerce business and now you need to hire a Shopify Development Agency.

Now, where do you start? There are themes and examples Shopify provides you Shopify Themes and Shopify Features to give you examples of what your business can look like on Shopify.

And while those themes are great for getting organized into what you would like your website to look at, if you want custom Shopify themes or strong security code, then hiring a Shopify development agency is exactly what should be your top priority.

There are other reasons why hiring a development agency will have to improve your bottom line and how to hire the best Shopify development agency in 2022.

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Make use of your valuable time

First, you have a business to run; hiring a Shopify development agency can have a strong ROI. We constantly hear from clients that after they set up their Shopify account, they don’t have time to manage it and upgrade it.

Shopify development agencies can help you save time and money because while it might take you a few days to finish a Shopify task – our developers can do it in minutes! Just think of the endless opportunities to grow your business with all that saved time! You don’t want to go through the screening process of hiring a Shopify developer when an agency has done all that hard work for you!

Get access to customization

Shopify themes are great when you start with a Shopify website, but you will quickly find that you need a developer to create custom themes and items for your business.

But you need to make sure that you’re hiring a Shopify Expert that is trained in creating custom code that works with your customized theme. From jewellery stores to …. there is something for everyone! Click here for Shopify templates!

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Are they a Shopify Expert?

Shopify Experts are professionals experienced in developing and designing custom themes and websites in Shopify. Get instant advice on how to improve your website, from small updates to a full setup.

Does adding features to your Shopify website sound like a hassle? Experts can add features with a code or custom code and fix any technical issues that might come up on your website.

What are their Shopify Development Services?

Are they a full-service Shopify agency? Or do they only specialize in certain areas of the platform? Having a full-service Shopify agency (like Think Forward Media) shows their credibility and abilities that will lead you to success.

Your business will grow, and you want a developer that can help you get there! Having a wide range of services gives you the flexibility and control to grow your business without worrying if you have the bandwidth to take it on.

Left Are Two Developers Working Right Is The Developer In A Meeting Discussing The Code To The Client

Do they have exceptional communication skills?

Many talented developers know how to write code and build secure systems (our developers sure do), but you also need to find a developer with great communication skills. Developers need strong communication skills as they need to communicate with clients and explain technical issues to people who may not have a technical background.

They also don’t just interact with one person at each company; they often have to explain the process to different people with different roles to the company, each with their own requirements for the job to succeed.

As the digital marketer writing this blog, I had to connect with our developers to ensure our ad copy was accurate, they do a fantastic job! Having a talented developer with great communication skills will lead to less stress and burnout.

Did you know? Think Forward Media is a full-service Shopify development team!

After Support

Regardless of the size of the business, your development team needs to have a strong after-support system. Ecommerce is very complex, and you need to have continuous maintenance to ensure a long-term relationship and reliability for your business to succeed. Real support is essential for customers. 

Why Think Forward Media?

At our core, we can work around Shopify’s limited capabilities to find intricate solutions to different eCommerce businesses. We enjoy helping our clients grow their business by building, maintaining, and improving their eCommerce websites. Our Shopify Development team is located right in Barrie!