There can be a few reasons why your Shopify website is so slow.

The first question you need to ask is how fast your website is. To do this, click on this link that will take you to a performance analysis website. Then you will insert your URL to find information about your website performance by giving you opportunities and diagnostics to see where you can improve on your mobile and desktop. 

You might be at 50-89, which is okay, but you really need to be at 90-100. Remember, 40% of shoppers will now wait more than 3 seconds before leaving the website.

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Look at your theme of your Shopify Website

When you first open your website and try to find the best theme for your business, it can feel like the wild west. Each developer has their own approach to theme design and development.

Some of their approaches can be out of date or completely wrong; both of these factors can result in a slow loading theme. They slow the loading time because when you add extra features to a poorly coded theme, it can quickly become slowed down.

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How Think Forward Media can help with your Shopify Website?

We first look at your theme and review where the problem originates. Then we bring that problem to your attention and provide a solution or suggest a better-coded theme. We can then shape it to look like your current theme by adding some tweaks to bring up the speed!

Why Think Forward Media?

At our core, we can work around Shopify’s limited capabilities to find intricate solutions to different eCommerce businesses. We enjoy helping our clients grow their businesses by building, maintaining, and improving their eCommerce websites. Our Shopify Development team is located right in Barrie!