Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce Businesses Picture Of Various Clothing On Rack For Sale

The Black Friday season is slowly approaching for businesses, and eCommerce stores are gearing up for one of their biggest sales events! The main task eCommerce businesses are looking for is ways to improve their sales and increase their cart size. Still not sure if Black Friday is an important holiday for Canadian shoppers? Statista has an incredible comparison of consumers planning to shop for Black Friday, with 43% of Canadians planning to shop on Black Friday. This is why we have created a list of Black Friday marketing ideas for eCommerce businesses.

To achieve these goals, eCommerce businesses should consider using these marketing ideas for their Black Friday promotion.

Optimize Your Email Campaigns

You will likely already have your email list if you are an eCommerce business. But the question is it properly optimized for your customer’s wants?

Your email campaigns must be optimized for different audiences to ensure you send the right emails to the right audience. If you send a coupon code for first-time purchases to customers who have already purchased, it will not perform well. Each segmentation has its wants for its Black Friday shopping. Your more loyal customers would more likely want to try your higher-end products, knowing that their previous purchases were a success. 

Here are examples of different email segmentation to use in your Black Friday email campaign:

  • High spenders
  • Cart abandoners
  • One-time purchasers
  • Repeat customers
  • Newsletter readers

Ensure Your Reviews Are Prepped

Many people impulse shop on Black Friday due to time constraints and deals. Because of these impulse shoppers, you want to ensure your reviews are up to date.

Why? Because you want to quickly communicate to them through reviews that your products are worth it without them having to do previous research. So reach out to previous customers to get them to leave you a review and give them a small gift if they do (such as a coupon code they can use Black Friday). 

Countdown Timer

Having a countdown timer on your website creates a sense of urgency that they previously didn’t realize. It grabs their attention and, on average, increases your conversion rate.

Cross Sell And Up Sell

Cross Selling is essential on Black Friday for eCommerce businesses. As your customers are saving extra money due to Black Friday savings, they can justify extra purchases. When you offer them something that will add value to their current purchase, they will be more likely to make that purchase due to the money they are saving.

Upselling is also just as important on Black Friday for eCommerce businesses. Instead of advertising to people about their current purchase, motivate them to upgrade their purchase with a higher-end model. With the same justification of cross-selling since customers are saving extra money, they are more likely to spend it on a higher-end model.

Have Your Instagram Store Up To Date And Optimized

When prepping your eCommerce business for Black Friday, sometimes we can forget to check our social media accounts. Are each of the products up to date with pricing and stock availability? Are the descriptions of each product making the user want to purchase? Suppose you’re unsure about any of these questions. In that case, spending some time on your social media account is important to ensure they are ready for the big day.

More and more people are shopping on social media platforms, make sure your Instagram store is ready for the crowd.

Wheel of deals

When you have a wheel of deals on your website, it motivates the user to interact. Pop-ups and countdowns aren’t very engaging (while they are still effective). Wheels on your website make it fun for the user and feel personalized to them even though the wheel is random.

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